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Every summer, we host workcamps from across the United States. These workcamps are traditionally composed of Presbyterian youth groups (though we host adult groups as well). They give up a week of their time to serve those in need here in Greenbrier County, making home repairs large and small--roofing, ramps, cleaning, painting, organizing, demolition, guttering, weatherproofing, etc. (We only work on homes which are owned by the residents, and our referrals come from personal relationships as well as local agencies.)


We also work on more relational projects such as picking and donating produce, volunteering at the animal shelter, participating in children's literacy programs, and more. Local agency partners include Wellspring of Greenbrier, the Family Refuge Center, the Lewisburg Children's Shelter, Open Doors, Greenbrier Animal Shelter, Organ Cave Community Center, Energy Express, Oakhurst Outreach, Child Youth & Advocacy Center, and many more. Our projects are intended to provide various opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to care for all of God's creation. We even recently began offering reforestation projects! Be in touch to plan a work experience that fits your group's skills and our community's needs.

If Interested

The cost is $200/person for one week.

We generally accept groups in June, July, & August. However, we also accept groups during the fall and spring as needed or during periods of natural disaster.


Groups are encouraged to take one "fun" day to enjoy wild and wonderful West Virginia by kayaking, hiking, or whitewater rafting. We will gladly assist you in making these arrangements. Recreational opportunities include Ace Adventure ParkOrgan CaveRonceverte Island Park (walking distance from church), The Greenbrier Resort (watch New Orleans Saints training camp from late July to August), & more.

Women's Bathroom
Men's Bathroom
Laundry Room
Fellowship Hall
Sleeping Room

                             Stay With Us

As you can see in the above pictures, we have a full floor dedicated to your group during your stay including sleeping rooms, newly-renovated bathrooms, a full kitchen, fellowship hall, & laundry room. While we do not have air conditioning, your facilities are located in the basement which stays a constant temperature year-round.


We want you to be comfortable while you are doing faith-based community service in our community. 

We hope you will join us for a summer of service!

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